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I love working with other artists. I offer: online coaching, weekly choreography modules as a part of my Patreon, in person workshops and immersions, aerial residencies and farmstays at my personal property, and all inclusive retreats in some of the most magical places in North America.

"Jenn Bruyer provides top-notch, innovative aerial instruction across multiple disciplines. Her extensive knowledge on each apparatus informs her teaching in a way that is very rare and hard-to-find in an aerial instructor today. Cross-pollination of the aerial arts has made her stronger at every apparatus and has risen her to the top of my collaborator list. With an easy-going attitude and down-to-earth personality, Jenn is a joy to work with. She easily adapts to each new situation and knows how to progress students properly at every level. I can't wait to work with her again!"

- Rebekah Leach

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