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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.” - Berné Brown


What is something that makes you feel vulnerable as an artist?

My answer:

Specifically, working with and teaching apparatus that are not my “home base” like, lyra. It makes me feel like an imposter. I don’t feel like my work is as interesting or “advanced” as my work on other apparatus. I feel like I was left behind long long ago.

Thoughts & Actions:

So why is recognizing our vulnerability so important?

You can’t realize your full potential as an artist unless you are willing to be vulnerable. Good art comes with risk. It’s hard to grow beyond something if we are afraid to share it. It can become paralyzing.

  1. Set goals that are not overwhelming: the kind that allow you to sneak up on bigger things. Even small steps toward practicing vulnerability can create a positive habit and have a HUGE impact. If your goal is to preform in a big show, start with showing the work to one person, then two, then a few and so on.

  2. Talk with a coach or mentor. Someone who has been there and done that can provide valuable insight into overcoming exactly what you are worried about.

  3. Engage with and provide support to others. Complimenting or engaging with kindness will allow other artists to feel more open to do the same, this environment makes practicing vulnerability much easier. I know I am much more likely to try new things in a room full of supportive people.

  4. Try new things. It can be anything. Trying new things can build self confidence which in turn can make us feel less vulnerable.

  5. Embrace the fact that we grow from discomfort.

  6. Check in with yourself and ask if you are attached to success or growth.

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