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PERSPECTIVE - v.2, a reflection...

Your perspective will either become your prison or your passport.– Steven Furtick


After 52 weeks (a full year) of thought and study of the various aspects and experiences of being an artist, how has our perspective shifted? What have we learned or unlearned? What new questions do we have as we enter into another year of developing our craft?

My Answer:

I think that I found myself and a sense of clarity in each of these topics. And reinforced my convictions in countless ways. 

Here are my 10 biggest take aways:

  1. Your values are the basis for everything. They answer all of your questions.

  2. Authenticity and vulnerability are: inextricably linked, immediately obvious, as easy as they are difficult, and only get better with age.

  3. There are many things worth more than talent or inspiration: perseverance, focus, and trust.

  4. We are all somewhat hardwired or set up to feel like imposters - at least from time to time.

  5. We need quality community as much as need solitude, and everyone has the capacity to be a leader in their community in some way.

  6. All of the best work comes from the process. Inspiration is for amateurs, the best artists show up and get to work regardless.

  7. Everyone has permission to be an artist… you don’t have to be good at it, or make money from it, or go to school for it.

  8. Productivity is crucial to success but can become toxic.

  9. Perfectionism is driven primarily by internal pressures, such as fear of failure or judgement.

  10. You have everything you need already. And today is the best time to make the work you want.

Thank you all for your continued support and involvement in this project and all of my other endeavors!

Stay Creative…


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