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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

“Perspective is the difference between thinking you are in a rut or a groove.”

Prompt: Who are you as an artist?

My answer: I am a cerebral creator. I am driven by the thinking aspect of creating work. No matter what the practice or craft is. I am the same. I like “solving problems” with either elegantly simple solutions or thought provokingly complex ones. I am most connected to the artistry in this part of the process.

Thoughts & Actions:

In order to maintain a long term sustainable practice, we have to nurture a perspective that allows us to feel at peace with our process.

How can we move away from feelings of anxiety or disappointment?

How can we reframe the frustration we feel with our practice constructively?

  1. Reframe your thoughts - One example of reframing is redefining a “problem” as a challenge. “Problem” has a heavy quality to it, while the notion of a challenge is enlivening.

  2. Think from a macro level - you are not defined by today only, or just one thing you can’t do (yet), or something that didn’t work out (this time)

  3. Say out loud: “I Get To” Instead of “I Have To”

  4. Change SOMETHING SMALL in your practice or approach

  5. List other ways you can react instead of the way you usually react

  6. Ask yourself – is this real or is this a story I’m telling myself?

  7. Step outside of your usual perspective - Being surrounded by negativity or in a pattern that invites negativity weighs you down. Change your scenery and do something that lifts your mood to actively separate from the negativity. Remove negativity from your life: PEOPLE, PLACES, and PATTERNS.

  8. Ask for help: ask for someone else’s perspective, opinion, guidance, or time.

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