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"There is nothing permanent except change." - Heraclitus


I’d like to take some time to discuss our views on and experiences with making transitions as artists. As our roles, opportunities, and access change, we can often find ourselves in a state of transition. How have we planned, coped, and survived? 

My Answer:

I crave change and I always feel as though I am in a state of transition. I think the thing that I seem to always do in a state of transition is to try not to change everything all at once. One thing at a time…

Thoughts and Actions:

I love the wave metaphor for an artistic practice. A wave never stops moving, its phases each have their own character, and each stage of it is an integral and essential part of it. Embracing that idea can help us feel ok with any stage we are at.

But it can be hard when we don’t feel like we are keeping up with what we feel like we owe ourselves.

If art is part of who you are, not making it can feel wrong, like something important is missing.

So why can it be so hard to maintain an artistic practice during a time of transition?

Transition erodes your focus.

Transitions are by nature chaotic. They stir up everything in your life.

How can you focus as an artist durning a time of transition or change?

  1. Make space and incorporate routine when possible

  2. Do what you can… make notes, start and stop, etc

  3. Reassess Goals and make them realistic 

  4. Remember the process

  5. Go with it… change is uncomfortable, but if you stop resisting the way things are, the more peace and ease you find.

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