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The ancestor of every action is a thought. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


We’ve discussed manifestation in general, and the technique of visualization. This week is like to explore the use of affirmation.

Write down the affirmation (this can/should be short and concise) that best encapsulates what you would like to manifest in your artistic practice. Use present tense.

Then, repeat this to yourself (a few times) in the morning when you wake up, before your practice, if you experience self doubt, and before you go to bed.

My affirmation: I am abundantly creative.

Thoughts & Actions:

The human brain is made of billions of neurons, which are cells that send messages between the different brain regions. When you think, neurons fire electrical impulses along pathways in your brain, which makes those neurons more sensitive and strengthens the pathways. In contrast, the brain will eventually trim the connections between neurons when those pathways aren’t used. This is called neuroplasticity. 

So, when you repeatedly think something, you are strengthening that pathway in your brain, making it easier to have that thought in the future.  

Positive affirmations help you to disrupt negative thought patterns. Over time, this intentional practice reinforces the pathway and makes it easier to have naturally positive thought patterns. 

Your thoughts influence your actions, so for example, the more you affirm for yourself that you are creative, the more likely you are to take the time to learn new skills or take on new projects that help you feel creative.

Tips for making it work:

  1. Keep it simple

  2. Make it meaningful to you

  3. Develop a practice - this doesn’t have to be a schedule, it can also just be a reaction

  4. Take action - even small steps reinforce how we feel about ourselves 

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