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“Ritual is the act of sanctifying action – even ordinary action – so that it has meaning. I can light a candle because I need the light or because the candle represents the light I need.” - Christina Baldwin


We have discussed “habits” at various times in the artists circle, but I’d like to dig a bit deeper and discuss the specific things that we hold reverence for in our personal artistic practice. The rituals we have built in to the way that we work. Rituals should not be confused with routine… routine can monotonous and necessary, or with process… process is a structured formulated system to manage workflow.  Rituals are in essence the things we do to embody our practice, often simple and comforting, but they can also be grand and inspiring or difficult and messy.

My Answer:

I tend to have morning rituals. As I feel that helps me set a tone for the day. After I do my ranch chores… I like to make coffee and sit down to clear my head and refocus my energy on the work I want to do, I have always labeled this act as “recentering”. I find creating a label for my rituals is important. I also tend to ritualize setting up my equipment (rigging) and arranging all of the things I need to complete my work. This makes seeming mundane tasks feel important to my process.

Thoughts and Actions:

Perhaps the most profound aspect of rituals is their power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. They are about awakening to the magic and wonder that lies within the most mundane moments.

Rituals are also carriers of culture, tradition, and wisdom, they bring communities together and strengthen connections.

The key to forming good habits is to make them a part of your personal “rituals”. If we hold these things “sacred” to your lives and our practice… we can’t help but make them into fundamental habits. 

There is a lot that can be said about success and strongly engrained habits.  I always envision those people who get up before 6am and workout and organize their day… etc. That usually applies to success in business or “life”, but what about if you want to be a powerful artist? I think it’s the same with different details. Some if it is very similar, but instead of “organizing your day” maybe it’s more specifically geared toward manifesting inspiration? Things like daily pages, free form movement, etc can all set you up to be highly creative and productive in your artistic work. 

Because in the end… we are what we repeatedly do.

I think as artists we need to ritualize the things that help us feel embodied in our creative state. Those things will be different for everyone, but here are a few that come up for me:

  1. Sitting in silence to envision how I want to feel when I do my work for the day (recenter)

  2. Moving on the floor with no intention focusing on my breathing (connection)

  3. Free form writing (clearing)

  4. Reflecting on unfinished work (preserve)

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