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"Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident." - A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


Every artist has a process for creating work. Sometimes, multiple processes for various types of work. I have always believed a dedication to maintaining a consistent process produces the best work. This week, I’d like to discuss our process for whatever type of work we are currently focused on.

My Answer:

Since I mostly choreograph, I”ll talk about that… whether it’s a sequence for class or a personal performance piece, my process is essentially the same: determine vision, align that with MY values and the expectations of the audience, brainstorm, feel through the actions, observe the pieces, narrow down, refine, and share the work.

There is also a greater process, which feels like it adheres to the classic 5 step process in a general sense.

Thoughts and Actions:

When we trust the process we are committing ourselves to do our best no matter the outcome. In many cases, life works this way – the efforts that we put in usually do not yield immediate returns, but these efforts can compound over time.

As artists, we often have a vision (or ideal) and cannot predict the final outcome OR how our audience will interpret the work. This reinforces the importance of the process.

Look for guidance on process from someone who’s work you respect.

According to some there are five “stages” in the creative process, and not all five always go forward in a certain order. These five stages include inspiration, percolation, preparation, creation, and reflection.

What happens when you don’t have inspiration? How do you start? I think everyone answers this differently, for myself, I just have to start… move, draw, write… etc. One thing always leads to another. Following intuition combined with some sort motif or theme for the work for the day is very helpful.

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