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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain


Try writing (even for a short time, each day, or as many days as you can) about things [in your journal if you have one] that you’d like to happen as if they’ve already occurred, while keeping a positive mindset. 

I recommend starting small with the goals you write about and also write with actual pen and paper. 

Thoughts and Actions:

If manifestation is the transition from thought to reality, then a manifestation journal is a practice used to speed up the process. In essence, it’s visualization that is put onto paper.

We have already discussed how writing creates clarity in a general sense, so manifestation journaling creates clarity in this specific practice.

There are many similarities between traditional journals and manifestation journals, they both can help you process feelings, sort though confusion, etc… The main difference is that manifestation journaling asks you to write about things in your journal that you’d like to happen as if they’ve already occurred, keeping your mindset positive.

The physical act of writing is impactful because it increases imprinting on the brain.


  1. Start small - small things are easier to believe or use “bridge thoughts” if you can’t believe in the end result yet, sneak toward it with someone hung easier to believe 

  2. Use pen and paper

  3. Have good prompts: write about your perfect practice, how you feel when things go well, gratitude for things you don’t have yet, or how it “went a little better” each day

  4. Ask yourself: How can I show up as that (visualized) version of myself today?

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