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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” - George Bernard Shaw


We all have an identity. Some of us identify as artists, while others do not. This week, I’d like to discuss our identity and the role that plays in the art we make, and how (or if) we identify as artists, especially if that differs from our identity across the rest of our lives.

My Answer:

I have always identified as an artist. Since I knew what that was… I think largely I felt that way because I was for some reason labeled in that way by my parents. They placed no value on art… but instead told me it was my job to find value in it. I am constantly cross referencing my identity as an artist with the choices I make in all parts of my life, because it IS who I feel I am and where I get my greatest satisfaction and deepest happiness. For this reason it has to remain the focus.

I think that we are always creating our identities… hopefully intentionally. 

Your artistic identity is an extension of your self-identity. Who we are outside of our art influences who we are as a creative. And the opposite is true too. So a good first step in finding your artistic identity is to first know your general identity.

I love helping people find their creative or artistic identity because I think it helps with a lot of things… it adds intention to the work, helps clarify brand identity, helps decision making feel easier, and improves creative confidence.

This requires some self reflection… Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Interests and passions

  • Habits and hobbies

  • Fears or weaknesses

  • Skills or strengths

  • Your artistic values and beliefs

  • Personality and character traits

  • How do you define success?

In an ideal world — without self-imposed limits or judgments — who would you be?

Now that you’re getting a clearer picture of who you are (and who you aim to be), get strategic…

What is your differentiation and unfair advantage? This may be related to your art or it may not be.

It’s all about layering your unique interests, skills and traits. This can be your unfair advantage.

Sounds easy… but it can be tricky to connect the dots in a clear and meaningful way.

And finally, mindfully embody the positive or aspirational aspects you’ve uncovered… to create a more intentional version of yourself.

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