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“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller


I’d like to think about the role that our chosen community plays in our creative process, how do we interact, what do we look for, what are we able to give back, etc?

My Answer:

My community offers me a great deal of inspiration and opportunity, in return, I feel like it is my duty to honor those things by working as hard as I can to realize the “shared vision”. My process is really driven by how I fit into my community… the job or role I see myself as having.

Thoughts and actions:

Creative expression is vital to a healthy and open-minded society. Art inspires people in so many important ways. The artist is uniquely positioned to influence, inspire, and help others.

The artist has many jobs… a teacher, a philosopher, a visionary, a historian, and an entertainer. Jobs are how we fit into communities: community is defined as a group of individuals living or existing in a social or organized structure. Based on this description, you can envision how artists exist in the greater community… but… how do communities of artists function?

I think that the most impressive examples of artist communities that I have seen have a few things in common: 

  1. They are collaborative 

  2. They are supportive

  3. They are organized

  4. They take ownership of responsibility

  5. The art comes first and then the money

How can we create community?

  1. Create Goals and Strategies

  2. Use Social Media and online platforms 

  3. Take a class or workshop 

  4. Use and Create Collaboration Opportunities

  5. Find/create a circle of like minded people

  6. Visit the artistic events that you are interested in being a part of!

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