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"Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity."  - Marty Neumeier


One of the most important aspects of any successful artist’s business or portfolio is branding. I like to think of it as a “business identity”. Your “brand” is an extension of who you are as a person and how you envision fitting into the industry you make work in. This week I’d like to discuss the importance of having an artistic brand and how we can develop or refine one for ourselves. I’m hoping you’ll join me to discuss your brand (or style) and how you got there!

My Answer:

I feel like my brand has naturally evolved over the years and gotten more and more specific as time has gone on - as I get a clearer picture of who I am.

Thoughts and Actions:

Good branding [as an artist] is all about having a clear focus, understanding your strengths and values, and staying “on message”. Consistancy is key. 

So why are some artists so much more successful than others? First, you have to be good, but that really isn’t enough… you also usually have to be “different” or creative beyond being technically proficient and then you also have to be “branded”. For some artists, a brand naturally evolves, and for others it take some careful consideration. For me it always comes back to a question of values, authenticity and style.

What is “branding”?

Branding is all about delivering to your audience a clear picture of what you want them to think you are and what you do (or make). Branding is your opportunity to say something unique with your potential audience to create a connection to them.

What is a brand strategy?

In short, a brand strategy is a long term plan for evolving your brand or developing it to achieve specific goals. 

What is the significance of a brand strategy?

  • Improve recognition - your audience will recognize you thought specific and intentional elements

  • Build trust - when people know who the artist is what what their mission is, it helps build a bond of trust between the artist and the audience 

  • Stand out - a good brand makes it clear why you are different from everyone else 

Key Branding Concepts:

  • Know Your Core Competency or Unique Skill. 

  • Describe Yourself In one Sentence.

  • Feel confident promoting Your Brand. 

  • Build A Partnership With Fellow Artists. 

  • Use Social Media Thoughtfully.

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