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“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.” - Jana Kingsford


Balance is key to everything. Understanding this in theory is easy, but applying it consistently is very difficult. This week I’d like to discuss our relationship and experiences with finding balance in our creative lives and share anything we have found to be particularly useful or true.

My Answer:

I think that I find balance in a few ways… first, I try to not be BUSY all of the time. I really enjoy defined periods of intense work… but then I need equal amounts of rest/freedom. In a similar way, I enjoy focusing on teaching, but then I need to throttle back and spend time creating work.

Thoughts and Actions:

Balance, is a fundamental principle in art. It refers to the overall distribution of visual weight or elements in a composition.

Balance, as it turns out is also a fundamental principle in the life of the artist.

People these days are obsessed with finding balance. It’s that standard by which we judge whether someone has complete control of their lives.

But ultimately, balance is kind of an illusion.

If you’re passionate about something, I guarantee you it’s all-consuming. In your thoughts, in your heart, in your gut. That’s okay. It just means you have to discover what balance means to you. And THAT is why I wanted to discuss it as a group… because I am sure that everyone has a different experience and different opinions.

I personally have to MAKE TIME to be creative… and also, to not.

I take advantage of free time to be creative, or those “in-between” or unexpected moments.

I work smart. I allow projects to overlap in a meaningful way, I make small goals into larger long term projects, and I know how to say no when something doesn’t serve me.

The Artist’s Curse:

The artist's curse is an inherent struggle that many creative individuals face - the constant battle between the desire for originality and the longing for perfection. While creativity fuels your passion, perfectionism can hinder your progress, leading to self-doubt, creative blocks, and immense pressure. It's vital to recognize this paradox and understand that finding the right balance is key to unleashing your full artistic potential.

Finding Balance Between Creativity and Perfectionism:

  • Embrace Imperfection as a Catalyst. Perfectionism often stems from the fear of failure or the need for validation. However, it's essential to realize that art is subjective, and there is beauty in imperfection. 

  • Set Realistic Goals.

  • Embrace the Process.

  • Seek Feedback and Support.

  • Practice Self-Compassion.

It's not about reaching perfection; it's about embracing the unique and authentic voice that only you possess. 

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